Monday, 29 July 2013

Why Am I Here :)?

This blog was set up in January, it's almost August now and I have yet to make one post.
It's 3:30 in the morning, I'm in a strange sleepy yet nostalgic mood so no time like the present.

I'm not even sure what this blog is supposed to be.  
I'm just a small bit lost in so many aspects of life at the minute.  
Facebook and Twitter come with all types of judgement attached to any post about real life.
So this feels like somewhere I can gather my thoughts alone (despite the online presence)
And no one needs to read them unless they actually want to.

Simple :)

I may just post my crazy inner thoughts, maybe my music taste, the odd bit of fashion, a short story or two potentially depicting real life events with altered names.

I really have no idea.  But I think this could be something good!
And I need that at the minute because honestly I have no idea what direction I'm travelling in.
I'm not so much worried, I just know I need to start playing a bigger role in directing my dreams.

At the moment I'm confused

But I'm optimistically wandering!

- Lost in Limbo (For The Time Being)

x <3 x


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  1. I love reading short stories, so i think it would be a great idea to post short stories here. I get completely what your saying about "playing a bigger role in directing your dreams" i feel the same way i started a blog to share my passion for fashion design and i've been pondering whether to create a Youtube account and start posting videos there to share my work so i'm confused as well. Sometimes what gets me motivated to pursue my dreams is a cheesy quote i'll give you a couple of my favourites "Begin somewhere you cannot build a reputation upon what you intend to do", "If you do not take a step forward you're always standing in the same place", "You cannot always wait for the perfect time, sometimes you must dare to jump", "There is no elevator to success you must take the stairs". I hope those cheesy quotes encourage you to never give up on your dreams and i hope you keep building your blog xoxo